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Housing Associations CEO & Chairman’s Report 2016
Chairman’s Foreword Welcome to NB Housing 2015/16 Annual Report and year 2 post merger. With all mergers, it takes some time for systems and procedures to bed down and become properly effective. We are confident that significant progress has been made and we are well placed to continue to enhance and improve our operations moving […] Read more – ‘Housing Associations CEO & Chairman’s Report 2016’.
The Flax Foyer
Flax Foyer has been operating for 17 years and has worked with hundreds of young people. While many have successfully embraced the opportunities, academic and otherwise, available, others have not been ready for the help offered. Not all success is measured in academic achievement – just helping a young person rebuild a bridge back into […] Read more – ‘The Flax Foyer’.
Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise 2016
The Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise is presented by SSEI in collaboration with the Ulster University Business School. Funding is mainly provided in the form of £1000 bursaries through the Flax Trust without which this programme would not be viable. Introduction & Overview The School for Social Enterprises in Ireland (SSEI) is the sole organisation in Ireland […] Read more – ‘Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise 2016’.
Housing Association Chairman & CEO’s Report 2015
Chairman’s Foreword NB Housing is the new Housing Association that has developed after the successful merger of Filor and Flax Housing Associations in May 2014. Following all the complex arrangements needed to complete the merger, we are pleased to present this 1st Annual Report outlining the achievements on behalf of the Association and our tenants […] Read more – ‘Housing Association Chairman & CEO’s Report 2015’.
Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise 2015
The School for Social Enterprises in Ireland (SSEI) is the sole organisation in Ireland devoted exclusively to leadership, management and business development programmes and events for the social economy sector. Founded in 2005, SSEI was formed as a strategic alliance between The Flax Trust and Ulster University, designed to promote sustainable community enterprise and economic […] Read more – ‘Advanced Diploma in Social Enterprise 2015’.
UCIT Chairman & CEO Report 2015
Chairman’s report Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT) has enjoyed another busy and productive year in financial, operational and capacity terms. During 2015 UCIT approved loans of £6.27m across 56 different Charities, Community Organisations and Social Enterprises in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This brings our total loan commitments, since the drawdown of our […] Read more – ‘UCIT Chairman & CEO Report 2015’.
UCIT Chairman’s Report 2015
UCIT Chairman’s Report 2015 Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT) has enjoyed another busy and productive year in financial, operational and capacity terms. During 2015 UCIT approved loans of £6.27m across 56 different Charities, Community Organisations and Social Enterprises in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland. This brings our total loan commitments, since the drawdown […] Read more – ‘UCIT Chairman’s Report 2015’.
UCIT Chief Executive’s Report 2014
UCIT Chief Executive’s Report During 2014 we received the final loan repayment from one of our very first borrowers, Eskra Community Association. The organisation borrowed £40,000 during 2001 to meet the shortfall in a funding package for the building of a childcare centre which it was hoped would contribute to a wider strategy to halt […] Read more – ‘UCIT Chief Executive’s Report 2014’.
School for Social Enterprises in Ireland/SSEI
Prof Ken O’Neill Chair SSEI, Professor Emeritus of Entrepreneurship University of Ulster is presented with cheque for Bursaries and Master Classes by Sr. Mary Turley and Fr. Myles Kavanagh Flax Trust with Prof Jackie McCoy Director University of Ulster/QA Business School Partnership London & Birmingham/Director SSEI The Masterclass Series Review The Masterclasses in the Social […] Read more – ‘School for Social Enterprises in Ireland/SSEI’.
Ulster Community Investment Trust 2013
Chairman’s report 2013 It was my privilege to take over as Chairman of UCIT (Ireland) last year and I am very pleased to report that 2013 has again been a success. Despite ongoing difficult economic conditions we have continued to grow our operations and reputation as one of the leading social finance providers in the […] Read more – ‘Ulster Community Investment Trust 2013’.
School Social Enterprises in Ireland (SSEI)
Following on from the success of the first fives events in the ‘Social Enterprise Means Business’ Masterclass series we are delighted to announce  the School for Social Enterprises in Ireland (SSEI) held the sixth and final event “The Future of the Sector” at Skainos, 240 Newtownards Road, Belfast on 27th November 2012. Read more – ‘School Social Enterprises in Ireland (SSEI)’.
The Social Economy – Delivering the Big Society?
A new series of Masterclasess for policy makers, social entrepreneurs, investors, public sector managers and business leaders whose sponsors include The Flax Trust and the Social for Social Enterprises in Ireland, commenced in February of this year.  Topics included Environment & Recycling; Culture & Regeneration; Social Enterprise as a Vehicle for Social Inclusion and Physical […] Read more – ‘The Social Economy – Delivering the Big Society?’.
Sparking the Imagination – A Primary School Project – December 2010 Report
Sparking the Imagination ‘A Primary School Project’ Interim Report to Funders Dear Father Myles: On behalf of the members of Sparking the Imagination ‘A Primary School Project, I am pleased to submit this report on project activities in 4 participating schools in the North Belfast area, supported by a grant from the Flax Trust and […] Read more – ‘Sparking the Imagination – A Primary School Project – December 2010 Report’.
Education Village
The Flax Trust continues to support The Education Task Group to develop a vision for Catholic Education in North Belfast. The vision is to build an ‘All Faith Education Village’. Having entered the Development Proposal stage which is great news, we have now carried out the Public Consultation with over 5500 votes cast for the […] Read more – ‘Education Village’.
The Educational Centre
1          Statement of Change of Direction. In 2005 the economic situation on Northern Ireland had very much improved.  People could move out of their own areas to seek employment without fear of assassination.  The economic work of the Flax Trust at a local level had been completed when there were more jobs than there were […] Read more – ‘The Educational Centre’.
Ulster Community Investment Trust LTD
Download the Annual Report 2012 and the Appointment of Harry McDaid. Download the Chairman’s report. Sustainable Investment in Ireland (1995 – 2009) Chairman’s Foreword It’s all too easy to forget that behind every enterprising community there is a story about the visionaries who are determined to revitalize their community. The following reflects on that determination […] Read more – ‘Ulster Community Investment Trust LTD’.
A Primary School Project: Sparking the Imagination
The Sparking the Imagination Project based in the School of Education at the University of Ulster has secured external funding from the Flax Trust to undertake a project on the development of self-esteem with pupils at Foundation Stage (age range 4-6 years) in Belfast.  The project entitled, Sparking the Imagination was launched in 2007 and due to […] Read more – ‘A Primary School Project: Sparking the Imagination’.
Belfast Local Television (BLTV)
Belfast Local Television (BLTV) is a local cable network broadcaster developed by the Flax Trust. The station serves a population of approximately 15,000 people in North Belfast and has a core staff of 8 augmented by community volunteers. It has a multi-purpose television studio, production and post-production facilities. Read more – ‘Belfast Local Television (BLTV)’.
Ardoyne/Shankill Healthy Living Centre
The Ardoyne Community Healthcare Centre was established in 1990 as a community response to the lack of access to Health Services within Ardoyne. With the support of Flax Trust and the local community the Centre is the home of various Health provisions such as a G.P. surgerywith over 3,000 patients. There are two GPs, a […] Read more – ‘Ardoyne/Shankill Healthy Living Centre’.
Ardoyne Association
Advice The advice centre has come to the end of another extremely busy year. The centre is one of the great success stories for the Ardoyne Association and remains a vital service for all in our community and the wider North Belfast Community. Advice remains at the very heart of the Ardoyne Association with over […] Read more – ‘Ardoyne Association’.
The Flax Centre
Brief History: The need for the Flax Centre in this deprived area of North Belfast was identified through the organization of a house to house survey carried out by the Ardoyne Association. Fundamental to the project was the inclusion of a health centre. A development fund was set up at the beginning of 1986 to […] Read more – ‘The Flax Centre’.
The Flax Housing Association Ltd
The Flax Housing Association was founded in 1987 by members of the Flax Trust, a charitable body operating in the Ardoyne area of North Belfast. The purpose of forming the Housing Association was to provide affordable, quality housing for persons in necessitous circumstances in the Association’s catchments area. Since formation the Association has expanded its […] Read more – ‘The Flax Housing Association Ltd’.
Creating New Choices Through Education In North Belfast
North Belfast and its communities suffered greatly during the Troubles and have continued to be constrained by social and sectarian difficulties. Now, however, a committed coalition of its community, church and schoolsis collaborating to realise a shared vision for the future provision of Catholic education in the area. Read more – ‘Creating New Choices Through Education In North Belfast’.
Ardoyne Health Care Centre
The Ardoyne Community Health Care Centre houses the Day Centre for the elderly, a GP Surgery and the Healthy Living Project remplacer viagra. It is a community led centre meeting the needs of the people. The Day Centre offers the opportunity for the eldery to be socially included in the community, with a range of […] Read more – ‘Ardoyne Health Care Centre’.
Bannside Project
Bannside Development Centre in Portadown houses several cross-community organizations and projects which exist to cater for the identified social, economic and welfare needs of the local community and surrounding areas. Read more – ‘Bannside Project’.
Belfast Beacon
The Belfast Beacon has now established itself as the preferred technology/networks solutions provider to the target area within North Belfast. Read more – ‘Belfast Beacon’.
Horizon Magazine
Horizon magazine was established in 1980 as a news sheet and has developed over the years into a 32 page glossy and colour magazine. It’s a monthly magazine and covers North Belfast. It is also distributed by subscription to other countries such as USA, Australia, the UK & Republic of Ireland. The main aim of […] Read more – ‘Horizon Magazine’.