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Housing Association Chairman & CEO’s Report 2015

Chairman’s Foreword

NB Housing is the new Housing Association that has developed after the successful merger of Filor and Flax Housing Associations in May 2014. Following all the complex arrangements needed to complete the merger, we are pleased to present this 1st Annual Report outlining the achievements on behalf of the Association and our tenants by so many people who have contributed to a new dynamic organisation.

Any process of change can provide its own

challenges and the merging of two associations into one is no exception. NB Housing is well on its way to delivering on the positive

objectives that formed the background and foundation of the decision to merge.

One of the main drivers to merge was ensure that we do more in a merged organisation than we could in individual organisations. This report outlines the evidence that we are on a path to the successful delivery of our plans.

As a newly formed association we created a new Board of Management to govern NB Housing. The Board work tirelessly in a voluntary capacity to ensure that our Mission, Vision and Values, are supported by our business processes.

The Board has agreed a 3 year Corporate Business Plan and has set challenging but achievable targets for our team to deliver this plan using 5 Strategic Themes:

Fit for Purpose – How we will manage our processes to reduce risk, increase efficiency and implement sound governance arrangements.

First Class Quality Service – How we will meet the expectation of our tenants, customers, partners and funders.

Building for the Future – How we will expand our business and provide more social housing for those in need.

Our People – How we will attract and retain motivated staff and how we will encourage our team to achieve the challenging targets contained within our plan.

Housing Plus – How we will ensure that we continue to provide additional support and services for clients in receipt of Supporting People Services.

Looking to the future, there are many challenges ahead, which will impact our business, our residents, and those who need our services. The potential impact of Welfare Reform and Universal Credit is yet to be realised, but it is certain to start to

be introduced during 2016. Meanwhile pressure is being applied to associations to minimise any rent changes, while targets for new build programmes continue to rise.

NB Housing will adapt its services to the changes planned and will review how we provide our services to assist our tenants during this uncertain time. Tenants and service users are asked to proactively participate in research undertaken by the association, which will be used to shape how we provide our services in the future.

We are committed to delivering on our plans and have an obligation to service users, by ensuring the financial resilience over the short, medium and long term. We will continue to assess how we do things and ensure that we provide services to the highest standard and at the best value.

Our future is promising. On behalf of my Board colleagues and our staff, I look forward to delivering on our plans as NB Housing grows during the years ahead.

John Simpson

NB Housing

Chief Executive’s Report

NB Housing is a social business committed to developing great homes and proud communities while meeting the interest of our residents, stakeholders and partners.

This Annual Report details our performance over the first 11 months operating period as a newly formed housing association in May 2014.

Developing our organisational strength is fundamental to delivering our strategy. This is not just focused on our financial performance but the quality of our homes and the services we provide. Within this report we provide results on

our customer satisfaction levels, our performance in managing our tenancies, development completions and our financial position in March 2015.

Our main focus over this reporting period was to concentrate on the transformation from two associations to one while continuing to provide our services. I am pleased that the merger is showing positive returns on our performance and we commit to further ambitious improvements as we move on.

We plan to commence the next phase of improvement works in identified properties; the estimated expenditure for next year is in the region of £1million. Additionally we plan to complete a stock condition survey to assess the condition of our stock and prepare an investment strategy to protect our stock over the short, medium and long term.

NB Housing continues to work closely with partnering associations where we have a mutual benefit and that partnership working improves our services and gives us a critical mass to demand efficiencies and cost benefits.

Our strong financial performance also provides the opportunity to development new social housing and we hope to commence a number of new build schemes over the next few years.

I take this opportunity to thank our Joint Management Partners, Rosemount House, and the Salvation Army, our funders, particularly the Department for Social Development and NIHE, and all the organisations that contribute to our association.

I thank our Board for their tireless efforts and the time they give to making a positive difference. I also thank the entire staff team who have helped to make this reporting period a success and look forward to their continued support as we meet the challenges in the future.