The Flax Trust

Belfast Local Television (BLTV)

Belfast Local Television (BLTV) is a local cable network broadcaster developed by the Flax Trust. The station serves a population of approximately 15,000 people in North Belfast and has a core staff of 8 augmented by community volunteers. It has a multi-purpose television studio, production and post-production facilities.

BLTV produces a weekly schedule of programmes, all of which are made locally and reflect recreational and sporting activities, personalities young and old, religion, politics and the Arts.

As well as covering these activities themselves, the company encourages and trains local people to make their
own programmes and tell their own stories using the station as a platform for concerns and campaigns which the community want to bring forward, employing the media to energise, empower and disseminate information.

In tandem with our community involvement the BLTV ethos is one of spreading knowledge of digital media
technology. We are presently working with local schools and colleges and are expanding throughout North Belfast.

We provide:

  • instruction in all phases of pre-production – project planning, interview techniques, storyboarding, shot preparation;
  • production and editing – execution on-site or studio;
  • post-production – editing, music, titles etc;
  • training in technique using a variety of digital cameras from the hand-held camcorder to broadcast quality
  • essential lighting;
  • essential audio;
  • tuition in editing using industry standard suites;

Having our own television network and internet channel uniquely enables us to bring projects to air locally or
internationally. The emphasis on all instruction is ‘learning through doing’.

Working within schools and with teachers, BLTV is developing its services as a practical teaching aid for all areas of the Curriculum, not only the Arts/Humanities based subjects but also Science, Mathematics and Sports education.

We are also bringing evolving communications technologies into the heart of schools and again we are uniquely
qualified to develop and maintain areas such as Curriculum specific LAN/WAN as well as enhanced broadcast
facilities on wired, wireless radio and freespace optic technologies.

BLTV is establishing links with all North Belfast schools and the communities they serve and with the support of other agencies, helping to establish genuine community dialogue.

Contact: Michael and Colin
Tel: 02890 746995

Thomas, James and David Infrastructure, Maintenance and Technical Support Team

Colin, Admin. Manager and Michelle, Editing

Mark, Studio Manager Production/Broadcast Tech Audio/Video Production

Cathy, Sub Editor and Michael, General Manager