The Flax Trust

Belfast Beacon

The Belfast Beacon has now established itself as the preferred technology/networks solutions provider to the target area within North Belfast.

During the past year many changes have taken place both in terms of personnel and technology, and a number of significant technology partnerships have been established between some of the”big players” within the sector. Cisco Systems has recently appointed Belfast Beacon as a Community Partner, and Alvarion Wireless has started to integrate their equipment into the “backbone” network.

Going forward we hope to develop strategic technology links between the two local universities and the regional technical college in an attempt to tackle the effects of digital exclusion and create a technological environment that will become a “must have” within the academic world.

Later this year we will start to broadcast local content produced by the community support groups within the Brookfield Campus via the Internet with the ultimate goal of becomng a regular IP broadcast contributor.

Contact: Mr David Pettigrew
Telephone: 028 9075899
Fax: 028 90758991