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Flax Foyer has been operating for 17 years and has worked with hundreds of young people. While many have successfully embraced the opportunities, academic and otherwise, available, others have not been ready for the help offered. Not all success is measured in academic achievement – just helping a young person rebuild a bridge back into the family home is counted a success.

The Foyer takes an holistic approach to the needs of the individual as no two people are the same. In partnership with local training agencies a wide variety of opportunities to build confidence and skills are offered from catering to hairdressing. Other agencies bring their programmes / services into the Foyer.

Through funding packages such as the Big Lottery we raise awareness of citizenship with our residents, through programmes such as ‘graffiti busting’, involvement in pensioners’ parties at Christmas and Halloween and participating in the occasional

Case Study

Prior to moving into the Foyer, Lucy had been sleeping rough under a tree in the local Water Works and had used various drugs since the age of 14. She had wanted to be a beautician and so studied to achieve the qualifications she would need to attain this dream. A very intelligent girl having the necessary qualifications, there should have been no obstacle to stand in her way but homelessness raised its ugly head.

On moving into the Foyer she quickly made friends and got involved in the Big Lottery Project. Lucy took part in the pensioners’ bingo games and parties. The property next door to the Foyer was vandalised and Lucy was one of the residents who took part in the graffiti busting and helped restore the damage done to the stairwell. Other residents came to respect Lucy and she encouraged them to strive to achieve their goals. She was a positive influence on others (sometimes she liked to party too).

Flax Foyer was recently the subject of a television programme called ‘Secret Millionaire’.
A millionaire came to the Foyer for 9 days under the guise of trying to find out information and get ideas to start a youth project back in his home town. Lucy took part in this programme along with other residents not realising the dramatic effect it would have on her life. She shone and was singled out for special attention with the result that the millionaire has helped her to start her own business.

Lucy is working now and going from strength to strength.

Case Study

Lauren moved into the Foyer on 12th May 2008. It was a natural progression from the hostel accommodation she was livingin, due to family disputes. Since moving into the Foyer, Lauren has taken part in several programmes to enhance her independent living skills and is learning to cope well with other issues in her life. She became involved not only in the Big Lottery Projects but also inter-foyer activities and those organised for the pensioners.

Lauren completed the ECDL (European Computer Driving Licence) and gained her qualification. She has continued to carry on her studies in Criminology and Law and is progressing to such an extent that she will be leaving us to attend university in London this September.

Lauren has been a steadying influence with some of our younger residents and they look up to her because of her maturity and understanding nature.

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