The Flax Trust

The 32nd Flax Trust / America New York Banquet

The 32nd Flax Trust / America New York Banquet took place at The Links on Wednesday 12th October 2022.  Chaired by Tom O’Brien, Chairman, President & CEO Sterling Bancorp / Director Flax Trust / America.

Brief reports: –

UCIT / Community Finance Group Ireland – Robert Reilly, Fordham Law School.

SSEI / School for Social Enterprises in Ireland – Patrick Grace, President & CEO Grace Institute Foundation.

Honourees: John A Coleman, President, Friendly Sons of St Patrick in City of New York; Sophie Colgan, Programme Director, The Ireland – US Counsel; Aer Lingus – acceptance Bill Byrne, Senior VP Global Sales United States of America.

Comments invited from: – Helena Nolan, Consul General of Ireland; Hannah Young, Deputy British Counsel General & Andrew Elliot, Director / Counsellor NI Bureau.