The Flax Trust

Flax Trust Annual Board Dinner, Europa Hotel

Special guests included Michael McAvoy, Brain Cahalane and Karen Packham representing the British / Irish Intergovernmental Joint Secretariat.
The U.S. Consul General Greg Burton and his wife Nanna Lee.

Sr Mary Turley welcomed guests and introduced speakers (No. 1) who gave an overview of some Flax Trust related activities. Gavin Boyd, Chief Executive Education Authority gave the invocation. (No. 2)
3. John Patterson, Flax Trust Trustee/Director gave an overview of the new North Belfast Housing Association
4. Elaine Burns, Manager Ardoyne Association
5. Kevin McGarry, Community Development Manager Ardoyne Association
6. Una McRoberts, Project Co-Ordinator Ardoyne/Shankill Health Partnership
7. Prof Ken O’Neill, Chair SSEI and Prof Emeritus of Entrepreneurship and Business Development Ulster University
8. Prof Jackie McCoy, Director SSEI and Director Ulster University/Queen Ann Higher Education Partnership, London and Birmingham
9. James McGinn, Flax Trust Classics and General Manager, Hastings Europa Hotel on QUB Bursaries
10. Dr Peter Smyth, fellow Director Flax Trust and Flax Trust Classics on Camerata Ireland Bursaries
11. Fr Myles Kavanagh Chair Flax Trust addressed guests after dinner and summoned up the evenings proceedings