The Flax Trust

27th Washington DC Banquet

Header e1512494742480 27th Washington DC Banquet

Honorees James M Boland, President Boland, / Chair Flax Trust/America, Wallace D Loh, President, University of Maryland, Norman Houston, Director/Counsellor, Northern Ireland Bureau, with Mike McCurry Director Flax Trust/America and Sr Mary Turley Trustee / Director Flax Trust.

The 27th Washington DC Annual Breakfast Banquet took place on Tuesday, November 21st 2017 at The Hay Adams, The Rooftop Terrace, across from the White House.

Following the Champagne Reception Jim Boland welcomed guests and invited Lou Boland to give the invocation.

Congressman James Walsh, K & L Gates, Director of Flax Trust/America gave an up-date on Ulster Community Investment Trust (UCIT).

Mike O’Neil, K & L Gates, Director Flax Trust/America gave an up date on the School for Social Enterprises in Ireland (SSEI) and FISCA North Belfast Intercommunity School Choirs Competition in Belfast City Hall.

Professor Stephen Thomas gave an update on the working links between University of Maryland and Ulster University.

Mike McCurry introduced Honouree Norman Houston, Director/Councillor Northern Ireland Bureau. Sr. Mary Turley, Director Flax Trust presented the Flax Trust Award. Norman Houston responded.

Dan Mulhall, Ambassador of Ireland to the United States introduced Honouree Wallace Loh, President, University of Maryland. Sr. Mary Turley presented the Flax Trust Award. Wallace Loh responded.

On live link up with Belfast, Mike McCurry invited Fr Myles Kavanagh C.P. Founder/Chair Flax Trust Belfast to introduce Honouree Jim Boland, President, Boland and Chair Flax Trust/America. Sr. Mary Turley presented the Flax Trust Award. Jim Boland responded.

Jim Boland invited remarks from guests and invited Pattie Cunningham, National Account Manager, United, to present tickets to the winner of the round trip to Ireland courtesy of United.

Sr. Mary Turley thanked guests and sponsors. Jim Boland drew the proceeding to a close.

Some of the guests attending the Event: